Wk15 – Extra Credit – Class Evaluation

It’s our final week of class this week. I took this class & enjoyed most of the activities. It allowed me to get creative & it was a class that took me away from all the studying for Anatomy. It was a class that allowed me to relax a little bit & just enjoy the present. I’m glad I took this class because I met some new people & got to do activities that I wouldn’t have though to do & go places that I never would have thought of going. I’m going to miss the friends I’ve made in this class.

3 Favorite Activities:

Art Care Package

The Art Care Package was one of my favorite activities. I liked that we had to think of things to give someone & actually mail it to them, something most of us millennials might not know how to do. I liked that I got to customize this package for someone & in this case I got to customize it for my cousin, whom I am close with. She was pleasantly surprised to get this in the mail & called me to say that she got the package. I also liked this activity because I got to write a handwritten letter, something that I used to do a lot, but never had the time to do anymore.

The next favorite art activity was the Zine & Flipbooks activity. I chose this as one of my favorite activities because I got to be creative, again. I got to draw little doodles that related to my life & I liked this activity because it was just a cute little book that I put together that was supposed to be funny & quick. It was also an activity that I did in my free time when I didn’t want to study or I just wanted to do little doodles. I thought that this activity was fun.

my sister’s view

Finger Painting is my last favorite activity. With this activity, I was able to just not care & do what I pleased with the paint. I also did this activity with my sister & it was fun because we really got to play around with the paint like little kids again. We didn’t have anyone or anything telling us what we could & couldn’t do. It was another fun activity that let us play around like kids again.

3 Least Favorite Activities:

Graffiti Writing

The Graffiti Writing activity was one of the activities I didn’t enjoy that much. It was a fun activity but the thing I didn’t like the most was the smell. It was also much messier than I had originally expected. I also learned that some spray paint can be pretty expensive, but I opted for a medium ranged price. Something that would still get the work done, but not look horrible. I also didn’t have anything to spray on so I had to get a random box from our garage, rip it up, hope no one needed it (no one did), & use that.

look at the giraffe in the hammock

The next activity I wasn’t really feeling was the Landscape with a Corpse activity. This is mostly because I don’t like being photographed & the fact that I had to ask my sister to take a picture of me. I’m not one to take selfies & post them, although we pretty much had to do that for our classmate conversation, so this activity wasn’t as great for me as it might have been for others. It was fun to think of a way I would “die,” but I didn’t like this activity that much because I had to pose & set things up & get my picture taken by my sister.


My least favorite activity was the Ethnography activity. I liked that we got to go away from electricity & just entertain ourselves by ourselves, but it actually got a little boring quick. Once my sister & I had nothing to talk about or sing, it just got quiet. I wasn’t used to sleeping early either, so I kinda stayed in the room & just laid there with my thoughts. I also kept thinking about things I could’ve been doing in the time I was laying there. I just kept thinking about assignments I could’ve been doing or thinking of things that I could be doing to keep myself entertained. It was a nice way to unplug, but I think I could only do it for a couple hours & not the entire night.

Slack + WordPress vs Beachboard?

Personally, I think Slack+Wordpress works well enough, but using Beachboard wouldn’t be bad either. Now that I’ve used both programs for essentially the same things, I feel that I would prefer Slack+Wordpress than Beachboard. I say that because we all know how glitchy Beachboard can be sometimes & communication on Slack is quicker than Beachboard. You are also able to private message & have group chats in the same program for Slack. One problem I have with WordPress is the actual making of the website & sometimes people aren’t able to find your website unless you either ask them their link or their name & look on the roster, which isn’t difficult but can get tedious. Another problem is having multiple accounts can get confusing, but once student understand what to do, it’s actually not that difficult. I also think that the use of Slack+Wordpress is more aesthetically pleasing than Beachboard. With Slack+Wordpress students are able to customize & personalize the appearance as they see fit, more so with WordPress than Slack. Either way, I didn’t think using Slack+Wordpress for assignments & Beachboard for grades was that bad.


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