Wk15 – Art Experience – Designed Thinking Applied to Life πŸ₯πŸ“πŸŽΆ

Last Week of the semester before finals. This is our final activity & this activity is making us think about our futures, our goals & what we really want to be in life. It’s really something to think about when you’re in college, but it’s also something that can be rather difficult as well. While some people have their minds set on pursuing a certain career & becoming something, other may not know where their passions lay & are stuck figuring out what they want to do. In any case, all of us are more than capable of taking action & becoming something in this world.

3 Possible Future Me’s:

  1. Nurse
  2. Editor
  3. Musician

NurseΒ πŸ₯


My first choice would most definitely be becoming a nurse. As it goes, this is my major & what I want to become in the future. I have a strong passion for this major because this is what I grew up with. Many of my family members are nurses & a good amount of them actually DON’T like the job. Even though they may not like their jobs, I was fascinated by it. There are so many branches of nursing too. You don’t have to work in the ER if you can’t handle it. You want to work with kids, pediatrics. You want to work with older people, geriatrics. I plan to work hard & get good grades & get into the program. I also plan to do clinicals & perform well during that point as well.

EditorΒ πŸ“


My second choice would be editor. I like reading & fixing some errors that have been written. I have always read many short stories written online by unpublished & amateur writers & leaving feedback about their writing helps them. I found that most of these amateur writers like to get feedback, especially feedback on how they’re writing & how the story is progressing. I found that I liked editing stories & it was something that I just did unconsciously while reading. Although I do love reading, it mostly just books & stories I choose for myself, not so much books that are given to me for school or nonfiction type of book/stories. I actually couldn’t decide whether I’d be an editor or some sort of public servant, but I chose editor because I do like reading & whatnot.

Musician 🎢


My third choice is musician. This is something I like to do in my free time. Now when I think of becoming a musician, I don’t mean just a singer or composer. I wanted to be a musician in a way that encompasses all things of music, which means that I would want to be able to sing, compose & produce music, but I would also like to learn things about dancing & choreography, being a stage hand & learning about the technical things that go on when setting up for a concert or a small stage. I want be able to know how things work behind-the-scenes, where the singer doesn’t work & where the stage hands, producers & composers work. Plus, I don’t know how to read music & just go by chords for guitar, so I’d like to learn that as well as being able to play more than one instrument.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is helpful, efficient & useful. The use of rapid prototyping would & will definitely help anyone trying to get started in any field. It can also be a great way to start networking with people in the field you want to pursue. Since it’s so easy to find someone studying & working in your field of interest, it would also be easy to find specific information from someone, especially if you are able to actually get an interview or even just a quick Q&A. Actually experiencing the field of interest is also a good way to see if you are actually committed to that field, so shadowing along with conversations with a person of interest could help as well.

Since I do have plenty of family members to talk to, I decided to ask them a few questions. My aunts work as at-home caregivers & I’ve actually gone to the patient’s home before & shadowed my aunts. From what I’ve learned, the job can be rather physically demanding & my being a rather small person might hinder my work performance, but I’ve also seen that the job forms a bond of trust between the patient & the nurse. This relationship between patient & nurse is so genuine & human interaction is something I want in my job. I don’t want a cubicle job where the only human interaction I get is small talk with my cubicle neighbor & just going back to work. The interaction I’ve seen with my aunts is very pleasant & playful. Some cousins also work as nurses & they would rather do anything else than the job they have. One cousin says, “It pays the bills, but I like it so I wouldn’t give it up.” Another cousin graduated as a nurse, but never liked the field & ended up working as something else, I don’t know what though.

In the end, there were mixed feelings about the job & the fact that each person had a different position gave me insight in the different fields of nursing. I still feel like I want to try this for myself regardless of the input from my family. I want to be able to see if I would like this job myself, although I will take their advice & experience into consideration.


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