Wk14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden šŸŒ±šŸŒø

In this week’s art activity, the class met at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at California State University. This was actually my first time there & it was a small, but very nice garden.

I actually liked how my featured picture turned out. The day we went was one of the warmer days, but it made for a beautiful picture. I love how bright the garden looked & how the green of the trees were so vibrant.

I am no artist nor am do I draw that well, but it was nice to just sit down & make quick sketches of the scenery & objects around me. There was a rule of “No Erasing,” which gave me a little anxiety at first because I had the thoughts of “what if it’s not good?” or “it doesn’t look right.” After awhile, I just didn’t care about the stray lines or the abstract figures. I just let myself make mistakes & continue with the pieces I was working on.

I’m not sure if I liked doing the representational drawings or abstract drawings better, but I did like trying to draw something. I think the sketch that I liked the most was the representational tree drawing.

It wasn’t the greatest drawing, but I liked how it turned out. I feel like I liked this drawing the most because I like the shape of the actual tree. It’s different from the trees I’m used to seeing around school, or the trees I’m used to seeing being drawn. The unique shape was what drew me into drawing the tree.

The abstract drawings were a little difficult for me, but an experience nonetheless. I tried drawing an abstract duck & a random bunch of leaves, but I out of the abstract drawings I liked the lotus the best. I chose to draw Ā a lotus because we were in the Japanese Garden & because I have a cousin that used to have a parkour group called Team Lotus. The final reason why I chose a lotus is because lotuses are these pure flowers that emerge from the mud. I find that both amazing & inspiring that something so beautiful can come from something that is seen as dirty.

When we started, I didn’t really want to sketch or draw, but as I began & actually started to draw I found it to be quite nice & calming. Here are some other sketches & pictures.


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