Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: La Cena está Servida (Dinner is Served)
Media: Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: www.kgrmetalcraft.com
Instagram: @kgrmetalcraft

About the Artist

Krystal Ramirez is an Undergraduate student at California State University in her Senior year. She is also in the Metal Program in the School of Art at CSULB. Krystal Ramirez is also seeking to get her BFA in the Metal Program. Although she is planning to go back to city college after graduation, but it is to learn more about metal and develop more as an artist. She is also seeking to get an internship when she goes back to school after graduating.

Some of Krystal Ramirez’s hobbies are Do-It-Yourself projects and thrifting.

In high school, Krystal Ramirez took an art class, more specifically a visual art class. She also took a jewelry class at OCSA, and this class inspired her to do jewelry design.

When Krystal Ramirez first got into college, she was studying human development. She eventually decided to change her major since she still interested in painting and drawing.

Formal Analysis

The media used in the exhibition is metal. The colors varied from silver, black, copper, and utensils that had a yellow tint. There was also a mixture of rounded and sharp edges. There is also a sheen to them. Some are more reflective than others.

The texture of some pieces looked sharp while some looked smooth. There were also some that had a mixture of both. The scissor shaped pieces had a squiggly look to them.

The coaster looking pieces look like they are made of wood and one piece, with the scissors, look more like marble. The table that is being used is made of a darker colored wood that goes well with and compliments the colors of the metal pieces.

Content Analysis

In the pieces, the artist wanted to express how the dining room/table was type of safe space where one can be enlightened and at times even feel nostalgic about the past.

She also states that it was amazing to see how simple ingredients could come together and create a beautiful meal. Here she decides to take that same philosophy into her art pieces by taking the raw materials of metal and creating such artistic pieces.

Krystal Ramirez’s pieces also serves as a tool of exploration that expresses the relationships she has formed with people and how they have influenced her life.

Synthesis / My Experience

I liked the simplicity of Krystal Ramirez’s exhibition. The table itself intrigued me because it was literally just a table in the middle of the room that had various utensils and other pieces on top of it.

For me, I think the most interesting piece was the one where there were two hands holding. I am still not sure what kitchen utensil, if it is one, it is, but it looked very interesting and well sculpted. I also like the salt and pepper shakers because of their shapes. I probably wouldn’t want to use them, but display them instead. I also thought the fork, knife and spoon set looked fascinating as well because the spoon was oddly geometric-shaped. Although I don’t watch the show, it reminded me of the Game of Thrones chair.

The copper vase looking piece and other copper piece looked like it should be holding ice and wine. I have no idea why I thought about that but it seemed to fit that job.

While reading Krystal Ramirez’s statement, I found the ending statement quite captivating. It read “Ethereal whispers, those truths, forever ingrained in my soul…Whether to adorn or to use, my work serves to facilitate these connections…So with every facet of my being: dinner is served.” I liked that she incorporated the title of her exhibition and it also seemed like a well written inspirational quote.


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