Wk10 – Art Experience – Architecture & Urban Planning 🏗️

So this week our assignment was to redesign “The Wedge” of the USU or the FA4 buildings. I chose to do the USU Wedge since I am more familiar with that one and I actually see it everyday and even go through it sometimes. Here are some new designs I thought about:

new designs

The first design is just the original design of The Wedge. I decided to draw a sketch of the original design to have a base/foundation to work off of and either remove or add some new things.

New Design #1 – the first NEW design is shown to the right of the original design. In this design, I decided to completely take out the black wall, but leave the benches for people to sit. I thought about taking out the wall because I thought that the wall was what created The Wedge in the first place. With this design, there would be more space for people to walk and even lessen the foot-traffic originally caused by the wall. I decided to leave the benches because people do use the benches, especially when waiting for the bus or shuttle and there aren’t any more seats at the bus stop.

New Design #2 – the second NEW design is shown below the original design. In this design, I thought of leaving some kind of memory of the wall, but redesigned them as pillars. The pillars would be positioned right next to the benches and have the same color scheme as the old wall. While the original Wedge is still present, there will be more space for people to walk through and lessen foot-traffic, but there will still be the memory of the old wall. I actually got my inspiration for this design from LACMA and how there are many lights next to each other and although it can be difficult to walk through with many people, it is still a beautiful place everyone knows. I thought about that when making the wall into the pillars. People associate the wall with The Wedge and I think it’s kind of a landmark of CSULB.

New Design #3 – the third NEW design is shown on the bottom right of the paper. In this design, I completely remove both the wall and benches to open up the maximum amount of space for students to walk through. I made this design because I wondered how much space would be available to walk through if the wall and benches were removed. I also thought about how many times I have actually seen people use the benches and thought maybe people don’t really need the benches there.

Ultimately, I chose New Design #2 because it did open up more space for people to walk through, but it left a memory of the old wall and even had the original wedge shown because of one of the pillars. I also liked this design the most because it did have a feeling of the old wall, while still lessening foot-traffic. I also think it has a nice look to it instead of having complete open space.

I honestly am not sure how students will talk about the new access route a year from now. Some might hate it and think, “What was she thinking?” Some might like it and most will probably not care. For those who don’t like it, they might redesign it and completely remove the pillars and benches, or just remove the pillars. Who knows? I just think students will like having more space to walk through, but with all the students in CSULB there’s bound to be traffic regardless.


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