Wk9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibition Information

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printing, Ink, Paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is an Undergraduate student and Senior at California State University. He is in the Printmaking Program in the School of Art and is also in the BFA Program.

David DeSantis is deeply interested in music. He also takes an interest in snowboarding and skateboarding. David DeSantis also expresses his enjoyment in music festivals and tattoos.

When creating his pieces, David DeSantis mentions his exploration in mark making and fluid expression. He expresses the clash of abstract expression in his exhibition. If given the choice between traditional realistic art and abstract art, he would choose abstract art because it is able to express much more than meets the eye in real life. In high school, David DeSantis originally wanted to be a mechanic. At 18 years-old, he could only draw motorcycles, but then his drawings of motorcycles diverted his attention to art and he has been pursuing art ever since.

Formal Analysis

Some pieces, like the samurai and the water piece, have a rough texture and bright, vibrant colors. Other pieces are in black and white. There is one piece that uses multiple colors. The media used for almost all the pieces are paper and ink.

The shape of the lines in the samurai has more straight and jagged lines with a few rounded lines mixed in. The water piece, and others, have more fluid lines. Although, the water piece has a subject in black and white that stands in contrast to the brightly colored background.

The atmosphere of the samurai and animal mouth is more menacing and fierce than the water piece. The water piece has a more somber and sadder atmosphere.

Content Analysis

David DeSantis’ work is an experimentation with mark making. All of the pieces were made when listening to a certain song or series of songs. Each piece was created expressing the feelings felt from each song. A type of genre David DeSantis listened to was dubstep. One of the pieces and from what I remember, “Bite The Hand”, was created when listening to the song “Bite the Hand That Feeds You.”

One of the pieces was made by a three layer color print and was also part of his experimentations. He also wanted to portray his art using abstract expressionism. He uses this exhibition to completely submerge himself in experimentation and exploration without any limitations.

Synthesis / My Experience

When seeing David DeSantis’ exhibition, the samurai caught my attention right away. Not only was it the only piece in bright red, but it was a samurai. I thought that the piece was very unique in relation to the other pieces. It is also the type of samurai mask that I feel I have seen in a few movies or something. It just looked like a very memorable piece. The water piece also caught my attention and I looked up David DeSantis’ instagram and found that it was dedicated to a friend/family member named Jordan who had passed away. That gave the piece so much more meaning than I had originally thought. While going through instagram, I realized that David takes very much pride in his work, which is admirable. It seems as though he takes each creation as a way to learn and a way to improve. All in all, it was a great exhibition and David DeSantis was a great interviewee.


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