Wk8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting šŸŽØ

Back at it again with the art postsĀ 4e8d585f6f525dd451dac9c8a604cabbĀ This week we are bringing back some childhood memories and finger painting again. When I heard we were finger painting this week, I thought, “Really. Finger painting?” I actually follow an artist on YouTube, Baylee Jae, and she did a finger painting piece of link. HereĀ is the link if you wanted to check it out. I found that you could make great pieces, even if you’re just finger painting. I think finger painting was just more reminiscent of my childhood. I think we also have the mindset that finger painting is for children than something for all ages. In all cases, the skill is what sets apart a beginner level finger painting and an expert level finger painting.

I thought the experience was really fun andĀ entertaining. I actually did this art piece with my sister again. She saw that I was going to finger paint andĀ I asked her if she wanted to do it with me andĀ she was down. I also thought that this experience was relieving because we got to paint however we wanted, do whatever we wanted, andĀ didn’t have to really worry about the outcome. We were just letting ourselves have fun.

I thought it was easier andĀ different than what I expected. I thought it was easier because we were literally just painting freely andĀ mixing paints andĀ doing as we pleased. It was also different because we weren’t used to using our hands as the paintbrush. The paint that we got also felt watery. It honestly felt like colored glue because of the way the colors laid on the paper. It looked pigmented when we set them down, but as soon as we spread them on the paper it became more translucent.

I thought the experience of making a painting with no subject was more liberating andĀ inspiring than confusing andĀ frustrating. At first, we didn’t know what to paint, but as soon as we let go of restrictions andĀ limitations it became more fun knowing that we could just be free to mix andĀ paint. I guess having a subject helps to give an artist more of a rough idea of how to start, but not having a subject lets the artist be free to let their imagination construct its own subject or landscape or anything really.

I would say hands down that this piece is more abstract than most art pieces I have seen. It depends if the artist is trying to finger paint an actual subject or have their piece actually look like something or if they are just doing whatever, which is what my sister and I did. I do think that this art experience was relaxing because of how we got to do whatever we wanted and just be a kid again.


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