Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Juliana Bustillo & Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition Information

Artist: Juliana Bustillo & Tidawhitney Lek
Exhibition: Doodles in Space
Media: Roofing paper, Toilet paper, Butcher paper, Drywall
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @tidawhitney & @juliaanaaaab

About the Artist

The two artists, Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek, are undergraduate students at California State University Long Beach. Both Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek are part of the Drawing and Painting Program in the School of Art at CSULB. Both also have a BFA in Drawing and Painting. They are also going to be graduating this Spring 2017 semester and are even thinking about getting their Masters Degree on the East Coast.

Juliana Bustillo, born in Texas but raised in Los Angeles, always like to draw while she was growing up and even drew well during high school. Although, she didn’t take art very seriously during this time. Teachers saw her drawings and thought she would be good enough to compete. Bustillo did enter competitions and won. After motivation from competitions, she began to take art more seriously when she began college. When Bustillo entered CSULB, she focused on techniques and the basics. She then progressed to do more and really took art seriously at this point.

Tidawhitney Lek, born and raised in Long Beach, also liked art. She started with drawing because painting was not an option for her. Lek was not able to pursue painting as easily as drawing becuase of how expensive supplies were. So, Lek decided to “paint” with water and as soon as the water evaporated, her piece would disappear. While in high school, Lek tried out oil painting, which made her think about doing art. When choosing what major she wanted for college, Lek decided she wanted to choose something that made her happy and that was art.

Formal Analysis

The materials used were primarily paper and different types of it. The colors were monochromatic, mostly just black and white. Any gradients, like grey, were seen when the two colors mixed. For example, the white toilet seat covers on top of the black background. The piece as a whole had a mixture of jagged and round pieces. The jagged, or straight parts, coming from the pieces that were cut out of the paper. Some jagged pieces were also from the parts that were crumpled. The round pieces were mostly from the toilet seat covers. The texture of the rounded parts looked smooth, while the jagged parts looked sharp, even though all the pieces were just made of paper. The shapes were also very geometric.

Content Analysis

This piece was an experimental piece for Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek. They originally had a very “loud” and colorful piece, but decided to tone it down and use black and white instead. They wanted a piece that didn’t have much color. They also used this experimental piece to do as they please and put pieces in random directions and show a sort of movement with their piece. They thought of the piece of more as a doodle and an idea than an actual exhibition piece. It was a piece that was a form of traveling differently, to explore themselves differently.

Synthesis / My Experience

When I first saw the piece, I was confused. There was so much to look at and it took some time before I could actually take anything in. I remember looking at one wall and it took a second before it clicked. I was looking at a wall that was decorated with toilet seat covers and made to look like a pattern. It actually looked like a type of pattern that would be in a modern apartment or modern home. The hanging piece also caught my attention. It reminded me of my childhood when we used to make snowflakes in class or paper roses and give them to our parents or other classmates. The floor piece was also interesting because I thought of a stone walkway, like those leading up to the front door of a house. I’m used to seeing very bright colors and being intrigued by vibrant colors, but this piece has its own charm by being black and white. It was also interesting because almost everything is made of paper. It was also interesting to find out that different types of paper were used to form a different texture and form.


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    I would love to feature some submissions from yourself!


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