Wk6 – 16 Things We Need in Life (Zine) 📔

Hello, hello, hello 6b164a624288271a884ab2a22f9bb693 This week we’re doing something a little different. This week we got to choose between making a flipbook or making a zine. Most of us already know what a flipbook is, but what in the world is a zine? At first, I read zine like vine but found out it’s pronounced more like zeen. To make it short, a zine is pretty much a little book that’s filled with either drawings, words, photos, or anything really. After finding out what it was, I thought of it like a little collage book filled with whatever comes to your mind. You could tell a story, list random things, vent out feelings, do whatever.

At first, I chose to do a flipbook because I thought it’d be a little easier than a zine, but when I thought about it again I found the zine much more interesting & fun to do than the flipbook. I didn’t really have anything I wanted to put in the zine, but after seeing some zines in the Zine Group Exhibition: Zine Fest, in Gatov West Gallery at CSULB, I had some sort of idea. In my zine, I decided to make a list of things. I titled my zine “16 Things We Need in Life” & I was originally going to list practical things we need in life; but then, I wanted to get a little more creative & a little funny, so I started adding some random things like potatoeschicken.

I thought it was funny & I like how the pictures came out & how it is easy to understand, at least from my perspective. I also liked how the pictures are very simplistic & kind of child-like. I tried to make the pictures simple & have an almost a coloring book kind of feel. I also wanted it to be bright so I used more pastel-ish colors rather than using deeper, richer, darker colors.

Some might notice that the “E’s” don’t have the middle line to really show that it is the letter E, but I actually did that on purpose. Well, I didn’t do that on purpose at first. Originally, I planned to write the words out like the cover, like the word Things on the front cover. I left the middle line out so I could draw in the block, but then I totally forgot to draw in the middle line on the first couple of pages & just decided to roll with it. I actually like how the E came out after finishing the zine. I think it makes my zine a little more unique that way fc758a4aaac7d06b38b19c47445a3e84

I feel like I would make another zine with a different theme. I’m not sure what that theme would be though. It may be another list or just random pictures or little doodles, but I do like the outcome of my zine. I do wish that I thought of a creative background for the pages, or have some sort of background for the drawings. I did make a quick background for the back of the front cover & the last page before the back cover, but I didn’t get to make a background for the other drawings. I wish I did but I couldn’t think of anything & I didn’t want to just color the background one color either.

My back cover page is actually a sticker photo that I took with my polaroid. I’m still learning how to use the polaroid & I was actually trying to take a picture of the colored pencils I used for my zine, but I totally missed & got the picture you’ll see below. Then I had another idea. I thought of writing my handle name on it & I think it actually came out nice. In other words, I found it aesthetically pleasing 4e8d585f6f525dd451dac9c8a604cabb I just thought that it was cool that something that was originally a mistake actually became something nice. Overall, I liked how my zine turned out & thought that this activity was entertaining.


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