Wk5 – Drawing in the Dark ✏️️🔦

Hello & once again I am back with another art assignment 4e8d585f6f525dd451dac9c8a604cabb This week’s art assignment was called Automatic Drawing. This was another different kind of experience, not bad though. I decided to do this assignment with my sister once again. She’s really the only person that has the time to help me out & honestly I know she’s not busy so why not?

So the process began when I had to go buy this huge piece of paper from the Art Store at school. I had never bought any type of paper from the art store, so I didn’t even know where I was supposed to be looking. While walking around with some friends, we bumped into another group of Art110 students who directed us where the paper was. However, I still could not begin my assignment because I did not have any oil crayons to use. The next day I went to Daiso with my sister where I bought the oil crayon pack and she bought a notebook 70ea6a564169e004286e681e3c684631

We went back home and by that time it was already dark 9d883c2765c36ce6899e304f60a4146c We were ready to get started so we got everything ready in the living room. I turned off the light in the big living room and turned on a lantern that we had stashed away in our room. We played music on my little iPod & grabbed one crayon & just started 86c5c07b75cb722dc8c415cc378683bb

It actually took us a minute to get started because we didn’t know what to do. I told my sister just to listen to the music & move as you feel. We actually went through many colors & a few songs. Some songs were mellow & that lead us to drawing more slow with more rounded lines. Other songs had more beats & stronger types of feelings, which lead to more jagged, sharp lines. More than once the crayons actually broke, but we still kept going, even though we kept laughing every time a crayon broke. I think crayons broke about 50% of the time and it was usually during the stronger songs fc758a4aaac7d06b38b19c47445a3e84

Our mom actually asked why we were sitting in the dark with the lantern on when we could just turn on the big light. All I said was, “Art assignment” & she just nodded her head.

When were finally satisfied with how much we did, we stopped & took the first look at our masterpiece. As I initially thought, there were jagged & rounded lines. I also found that when we first started, we stayed in a very small space, but as we got used to it we spread out the colors further & further. There was one point when we tried to actually draw something & that’s why there’s a bomb at the corner of the paper 56c5fceb8f0916b3cffddde098450c6c We also tried writing our names in the beginning, but it became lost in the final product.

Looking at the final product, we must have listened to more mellow songs than stronger songs because there seems to be more rounded lines than jagged, sharp lines. I think we could’ve gone closer to the edge in the final product, but we were too scared to get the floors marked with the colors. There were also some smudges on the edges of the paper because of the residue left on our hands & us touching the paper afterwards.


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