Wk 5 – Extra Credit – LA Art Book Fair πŸ“š

On this lovely Saturday, I decided to go to the LA Art Book Fair with my family since we were going out anyway. Before we left we actually had to wait for someone to come to our house & cut our avocado tree. By the time we were all ready to go, it was already 4:10PM. We still had to drive through LA traffic and wait in line. We got to the venue by about 5PM & waited in line for about 25 minutes before we actually got to go inside.

While we were waiting in line, there were some food trucks out & surprisingly (to me at least) there were some families there as well. Once we got in, my dad went off to sit down somewhere & my sister, mom & I went off to look at some art.

The first art piece caught my sister’s eye. She stated, “Ate (pronounced ah-teh) look it’s math. Math is also art.” (Ate means older sister/female in Tagalog). She went on to say that her pre-calculus teacher was an artist. We continued walking around for a little bit, but it was a little difficult because there were so many people & my sister, mom & myself aren’t the tallest people around.

math is also art

We kept walking around & even went to one part of the fair that had something like an artist alley. There were so many people that it was difficult for me to really see much art or take any pictures, so I don’t have any pictures for what I saw in there. But, an interesting thing I did see was a big poster that either said “Cats Against Trump” or “Kittens Against Trump.” I thought that was interesting because there have been many controversies about Trump & his memoranda about increased border security & stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

There was a part of the book fair that had some art posted on the walls & one of them caught my eye because some pieces weren’t flat against the wall. I walked up to it & found out that the ones that were sticking out of the wall were paper megaphones. I also liked the color scheme because of it looked soft & they were pastel colors. When I took a closer look, the papers against the wall had “x-tra” written all over it. When I saw that, I remembered paper boys from how ever long ago that used to yell “extra, extra hear all about it.”

greens, blues & pinks

Overall, I liked going to the book fair & experiencing something different. I’m not so sure I’d be able to go to something like this again, but it was a good experience. I may not understand the meaning of each piece, but I do find most of the pieces interesting to look at & just react to it myself. I think one of the pieces I liked the most was the ripped paper piece that was put back together. It kind of reminded me of how students become stressed with school & just want to give up. We have so muchΒ anger, stress & other negative feelings building up within us that we could just blow up. After we do blow up, we manage to pull ourselves back together & get back on track with the determination & perseverance to finish what we’ve started.


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