Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Ingrid Gonzalez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez
Exhibition: Lamps
Media: Wood, Light, Resin, Music
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: n/a

About the Artist

Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez is a second year undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach. She is working on her BFA with an emphasis in wood. Gonzalez is in the Wood Program in the School of Art.

Ingrid Gonzalez has an interest in electronic music and is even taking a music theory class this semester. When asked if she thought about writing and producing her own music, she responded that she does have thoughts of creating her own electronic music. She also has an interest in “lamp-making” and learned how to wire a lamp to get it to work. Gonzalez’s art piece was inspired by her “lamp-making” in her first year.

Gonzalez explained that the process of wiring the lamps was very long and she usually worked in phases.

Formal Analysis

Gonzalez’s art piece is intended to look like both a living space and an art piece. The medium she used were both organic and inorganic. She used wood, resin, and lighting. The colors were mostly pastel. Colors used included light shades of blue, green, pink, and yellow. She also incorporated the organic wood pieces and light, which she wired herself. The shapes were round for the resin “balloons” and more straight for the wood pieces, but there were cylindrical pieces used for the lights like the lamp spindles.

The texture of the table Gonzalez used is smooth and the rhythm of the music was upbeat and lively. The atmosphere of the entire piece was like that of a house party, after the party was over. The dim lighting made the piece have a kind of mellow or relaxed kind of feel.

Content Analysis

Gonzalez’s art piece was, again, intended to look like both an art piece and living space. The center table piece with the work boots, lamp, and radio was included to look like the living space, while the back portion with all the lights and resin balloons were more art-like. Gonzalez intended to include more lamps and actually have the lights pulse to the beat of the music, but there was just not enough time to do so.

The balloons were actually included for their form and fill in some space. The transparency of the balloons also added to the atmosphere of the entire piece. The two spindles on the table were actually the pieces that were going to be used for more lights, but were instead put on top of the table without any lights.

Synthesis / My Experience

While I was entering the gallery, I thought a student was playing music loudly. I found out that the music was actually part of the exhibit itself and contributed to the ambiance. I felt like the piece had a house party kind of feel. As stated before, the exhibition felt like a party after the party was over. Meaning, it was the time to clean up and everyone had already left the venue. I felt this way because there were only a few students in the gallery while I was there. There was also a point where I was the only student in the gallery, so I felt like the host that was getting ready to clean up. I think I felt this way because my family has hosted parties before, and this scene is usually what it would look like before we started cleaning (maybe with more things scattered).

I originally thought that the resin balloons were actual balloons, but when I found out it was actually made of resin I thought that was an interesting way to create a round form. The idea of actually wiring something yourself was also interesting because I know that it is a difficult task to wire something, even if it is as simple as a lamp. Gonzalez’s idea of having the pulsating lights would have been nice to witness, but having done what she could in the time she was given was just as good.



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