Wk4 – Just A Little Something From Me 💝

So this week’s assignment was to create an Art Care Package & send it to someone. That someone being pretty much anyone we choose. Thinking about it, the last time I actually sent something in the mail was probably in elementary or middle school when we were doing another assignment fc758a4aaac7d06b38b19c47445a3e84 Anyway, I was actually dreading this assignment because I couldn’t think of anything I would put in an envelope or package. But, for this Art Care Package I decided to choose my little cousin as the recipient because I think it’d be a nice surprise for her to get a little something from me out of nowhere. It was actually kind of fun to think of little things I could put into the envelope because it was like buying a gift for someone. In this case, I decided to make the envelope about both my cousin and I.

Most things I put were little things I just held onto, but probably should have thrown away or put somewhere. The card that says “Just a Little Something From Me to You” is like a little preview of what the contents & entire envelope is about, & explaining why I was sending it to them. The big piece of paper was actually part of a series I did for some friends. I meant to give them to people but I didn’t like how they turned out at first. The one I’m giving to my cousin was actually meant for her. When I first made it, I intended the background to have a galaxy kind of look with Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael and John flying to the second star on the right (to get to Neverland). The ShareTea stamp card is just an expired stamp card I meant to throw out but kept in my wallet, for no real reason fc758a4aaac7d06b38b19c47445a3e84 The gum wrappers were from my gum pack. I actually had those because there wasn’t a trashcan near me when I ate the gum, so I put the wrappers back in my gum pack. The receipt was from a place called Buffalo Spot & it’s actually the receipt from the day I went with my cousin. Finally, the polaroid was my first trial polaroid picture I took when I first got my camera earlier this year.

At first, I thought ephemera was more like trash than something precious, but when I was creating this Art Care Package I thought of it more as something precious. I think it can be something that can gain value over time because it contains some sort of emotional meaning & it has a story, even if it is something as trivial as a receipt.

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because it is something you’re sending while thinking about a person. It is also like Snapchat because once you send a snap it is “delivered” like the ACP would be, but by a mailman/woman. The ACP is different from sending a Snapchat because snaps can be sent instantly and seen within seconds, while the actual ACP would take days & even weeks to arrive & be opened.

I think it depends on how people view art. Some may see the painting in the Museum of Modern Art & feel the same way when they see an ACP I sent. Others may think the painting from the Museum of Modern Art has more value than the ACP, or vice versa. I would say that most people wouldn’t think my ACP is as valuable as the painting in the museum because they don’t know why I value something as trivial as a gum wrapper.

I would say that the time & effort between taking a snap for Snapchat & making & sending an ACP is completely different. When taking a snap (& not saving it) & sending it to someone, it’s like there isn’t any real substance. It was just a snap to show for a quick second. Something to share for a little bit & talk about & then forget. I would think the ACP takes more time & effort because it is something that can take a good amount of time to make & it can be an effort to send, especially if you don’t know how to mail things. Fast can be better when you want to get a quick response & share something instantly, but slow can also be better because the time you took to make the ACP shows how you feel about it. Even when you do get a response, it’s different. Because snaps are fast, it is easy to just take a random picture of something & send it. With the ACP, it took an effort to think of the things you would put in it & when you do get a response, it might be days or weeks later. It can remind you of what you were thinking when making the ACP & appreciate the response a little more.

I don’t think you can prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru because the time & effort put into a meal is what portrays that love. An ACP does have the possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from Snapchat because it, again, does take some time & effort to think about what to put in the envelope/package. You would also need to think about the person you’re sending it to as well & how they would react to the contents.

All in all, I actually enjoyed this assignment & it was a nice to be able to actually mail something.


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